Karmagy is the first social network for those who want to be immersed in all things social-networkphilanthropic and altruistic.  Our goal it is to provide Karmagy users with an environment that establishes personal and professional connections, a place where people of all walks of life can interact with one another in order to make an impact on themselves and our world for the better.

We are the synergy between IOT and social networks, providing accountability and social responsibility to all beings, machine and man, creating a strong and conscious network.


The diversity of Karmagy users reflects the real world diversity of our communities and social networks.  Karmagy users fall under four categories: NGO’s, Corporations, Educational Institutions, and Individuals;  each of which possess their own unique needs and goals. Karmagy works to provide users with a objectives-tailored experience that quantifies philanthropic data into a social platform, providing visibility, transparency, and measurability, all within an integrated application.


450025601-1Events in Karmagy take place in both the physical and digital realm.  Any activity that takes place physically, be it volunteering or a chartiable cause, is recorded and quanitified on Karmagy’s social network, providing visibility and measure to the activites that take place.

Furthemore in this technological age we believe that helping our world, or one another, isn’t strictly limited to the physical activities that take place.  Electronically there are infinite ways individuals help each other daily, and through Karmagy we record and measure those activites in order build Karma Prints for individuals, and enterprises, providing accountability to our world, and reward

3dca05aThrough providing education and infrastructure, while improving our environment and humanitarian efforts, our world will be bettering itself through a social network where your actions improve the lives of others, and yourself.

Any inquiries can be sent to info@karmagy.com,