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Karmagy is the first social network for those who want to be immersed in all things philanthropic and altruistic.  Our goal it is to provide Karmagy users with an environment that establishes personal and professional connections, a place where people of all walks of life can interact with one another in order to make an impact on themselves and our world for the better.

We are the synergy between IOT and social networks, providing accountability and social responsibility to all beings, machine and man, creating a strong and conscious network.


Karmagy will be determined by both your actions towards the community, and your actions towards yourself.

Karmagy Dreamer

Karmagy dreamer is the goals you set for yourself as an individual that ultimately affect your karma print when you achieve them.

Whether its helping another reach their Karma Dream, or you reaching your own, we are providing karma to the world and positively influencing yourself and community, and this is why we believe in rewarding it.  This is a form of digital volunteering.

Digital Volunteering

Digital Volunteering is the act of helping a community or individual over the internet with your intellect rather than your physical skills. An example of this would be a civil engineer helping irrigate a river in India by answering his plead for help on a post.  Or to take time to write an english manual for a school in China to help the children learn to read.  These types of activities would be reflected in your Karma Print and enable a new window for helping our world.

AI, IOT, partnerships, and real world use case.

We have integrated Artifical Intelligence into calculating an entities Karma Print by allowing machine based algorithims to start collecting primary data on Individuals, Universities, Companies, and NGO’s.  In essence this crawls the internet and through syntax highlights actions based on response time, affected locations, contributions, and interconnected organizations.  Though this is currently in alpha we foresee it bringing a strong positive influence to AI in general, and believe our data will help the whole in progression towards a positive future.

The internet of things is the communication between machines that don’t require human interaction.  The way for your devices to communicate with one another, and pass important information that will influence their decision making.  An example of this would be your coffee machine starting because your alarm clock went off.

At Karmagy we provide responsiblity and philanthropic rewards to the efficiency of machines, effectively creating a profile for each device that would display its effectiveness in emissions, energy consumption, radiation, and so on.  These profiles ultimatly influence its Karma Print as well, leading machines to be more accountable for the emssions and consumption they have, and additionally provide a good will to the internet of things to ensure the best for our future in working with technology.

Karmagy has just partnered with iBot to add measurement and legitimacy to actions, along with adding the ability to create Karmagy’s own internet of things that would add these devices to the social network.

With iBots Karmagy will be able to effectively set up a network for these devices and integrate it seemlessly into the application, providing a standard of visibility to the network; additionally setting up the future of machine to machine philanthropy.

 Aquasuave meets Karmagy

Aquasuave, a water softening company in the Dominican Republic, has been one of the first companies to integrate the internet of things along with their philanthropic endeavors.  Providing water to the island is a daunting challenge, and partnering with Karmagy, Aquasuave has been able to measure and provide us with insights into the water bottles saved on the island, and the amount of clean water generated to its citizens.  They’re campaigns range from beach clean ups, to providing water to impoverished areas, to installing water fountains in public places.  Visit Aquasuave to learn more about their products and philanthropic projects.

Lastly with the worry of Artificial Intelligence, and its ultimate impact on society, keeping our machines responsible is the best way to prevent from these potential futures.  Key figures including Elon Musk have invested largely to ensure the protection of artificial intelligence from malevolent activties, and Karmagy’s focus on the machine to machine world will provide responsiblity and accountability for the actions of machines, from emissions, to larger causes.

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